Thinking of a Destination Wedding?

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“Where there is love there is life.” – Mahatma Gandhi

As a little girl, like most others, I dreamt of the day I would be married to my one true love. I would imagine, plan, research, saved ideas and whatever else possible to picture what my day would look like. The truth is, no matter how we imagine it, weddings are usually even more beautiful that our dreams – at least I can say that for mine.

My husband and I planned a destination wedding. At first, our family and friends were a bit hesitant of our venue choice but understood our reasoning for doing it afar from home. We knew living in Saskatchewan, it would have been a struggle planning a wedding regardless if we did it in Toronto or Mexico, but we knew Mexico would also us to have a stress-free wedding for our families and we all could enjoy the week together. Our decided venue was in Riviera Maya, at the Barcelo Maya Palace Deluxe.

If you’re planning a Destination wedding, I highly recommend it for many reasons but of course it is not for everyone and also has some drawbacks that you must consider before deciding on it. Here are some things to consider:

Where are most of your guests?

In our case, even though majority of our guests were in Toronto but we still had many from other parts of Canada, US, and India. We knew quite a few of our guests would need to travel which helped us consider other venue’s other than just Toronto. If most of your guests are in one location, then it might be a bit inconvenience for everyone to travel elsewhere.

How important is it to see your venue, decorations, and other wedding related stuff prior to your big day?

Many brides need visit their venues, taste cakes & food items selected etc before making their final decisions. In a destination wedding, you need to be comfortable and confident that what you’ve selected with your coordinator at the resort based on pictures, videos, or information will suffice. It is hard, and sometimes when you don’t know how things will be, you may feel more stressed on your big day.

Are you willing to spend more than your “chosen wedding package”? 

Most resorts you are considering as a venue for your wedding will give you a wedding package regardless of what type of wedding you are planning. Sometimes those packages convince you that you’ll have almost everything you want for a certain price, at that too usually at a very reasonable price. We too were convinced and excited that we would be saving a lot more money doing a destination wedding as opposed to one Toronto. When the real planning began, I realized how basic the package was, even though I had chosen the most experience and elaborate package. Anything I wanted to add on was so overpriced but I had no choice.

Will you be okay if many of your guests you expected do not attend your destination wedding?

One thing you have to remember about a destination wedding is that it may be more convenient for you and your family and will be a beautiful wedding and vacation for you and your guests, but not everyone can afford it or take the time off to travel afar and attend your big day. Sometimes money may not even be an issue for many guests but they have no desire to travel to another country, even if its for your wedding. This is something you must be prepared for.

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