About me

When life gives you snow, take pictures

Growing up in Northern Ontario for 12 years, I loved the smell of birch trees, playing in our open backyard, watching the northern lights dance, and making the most of our winters and summers. When I moved to Toronto during my high school years, I adjusted to the city life and experienced opportunities I never imagined. I loved the luxury of shopping and endless cuisines to taste. Never for once did I think of moving back into a small town, especially in the North. Well, here we are today – back in the North.

My name is Neetu Shah and I currently live in Northern Saskatchewan in a small town called, Meadow Lake. Born in India, I was fortunate to have been adopted by the greatest parents whom have given me a life I would have never imagined. At 5 years of age, my life began in Canada but 99% on ice. Figure Skating became my life which I shared with my skating partner, Devinder who is also my brother. Together, we experienced a journey of hard work & dedication, excitement, and competitiveness. We competed internationally for Canada and were blessed to have travelled all over the world at such a young age. That journey ended after High School but a new journey sprouted – I fell in love!

After finishing my Education, A masters degree in Social Work – a field I am truly passionate about, my best friend, partner in life, and now husband, Maanit Shah and I moved to Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan. We now have a beautiful baby boy named Viraaj and two adorable/naughty kittens named Twix and Sushi. Living in Meadow Lake for the past 4 years, I’ve grown to favour the North once again and cherish moments that only can be experienced living here. My husband is an amazing photographer and captures the Northern beauty so beautifully that I am compelled to share this with you. Through this blog, I will be sharing my experiences, life journey with my babies and husband, recipes that are inspired by living in the cold, and of course our international travels when we need time away from our life here. I hope you enjoy my experiences and I am always open to hear your feedback.